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Fantasy Bats

At Sidepodcast, we like to occasionally stop chit chatting about Formula 1 related matters and have a bit of fun competing in online stuff.

Fantasy Racers 

When I first started out at Sidepodcast last year, one of the popular things they commented about was Fantasy Racers. I became interested and in my first season finished 148th in the Sidepodcast Private Leagueafter joining in June. The team ‘Team Falcon of Gaulty’. With a team consisting of Robert Kubica, Nick Heidfeld, Mark Webber, David Coulthard and Sebastian Vettel. Which was a decent finishing for someone who started half way through and a rookie to the rules.


For 2009 however, with updated rules, I’m aiming for at least a top 30 finish. My team this time ‘Chucking The Rule Book Out’ (doesn’t make me cheating, just a team name). With my temporary line up being Robert Kubica, Nick Heidfeld, Jarno Trulli, Sebastian Vettel and Adrian Sutil.


It’s an online racing game where you compete against other drivers around the world in specialist games. For example, I am currently playing in a Public and Private game using the F1 2008 carset. Other carsets available to use are BTCC, Sevens and more.

Private Game

For this, I’m competing against other members of the Sidepodcast community. Driving for BMW Sauber. Currently there are 20 drivers and we only need 2 more to start.

Public Game

This time, I’m competing for Super Aguri, and miraculously, in the first grand prix in Australia, qualified an unbelievable 8th position. How I did that, still baffles me. The race will take place sometime tomorrow morning.

I’ll update you on how I’m fairing in my ‘Wednesday Waffle’, details of which will be available on Wednesday. Now who would have thought of that?


One Mistake and You’ve Created a F1 Traffic Jam

I’m always amazed that we hardly ever see a mass pile-up during a street race. They say that you make one mistake at Monaco, and your team ain’t gonna be happy with the repair bill, mainly as Nico Rosberg and Nelson Piquet proved last year.

25.05.2008 Monte Carlo, Monaco, 
Nelson Piquet Jr (BRA), Renault F1 Team goes out of the track at first corner - Formula 1 World Championship, Rd 6, Monaco Grand Prix, Sunday Race -, EMail: - copy of publication required for printed pictures. Every used picture is fee-liable. © Copyright: Charniaux / Nelson Piquet In The Monaco Barrier (Image by

But what really defines a good, spectacular street circuit? Perhaps not having it next to a set of shipyard docks which are as stunning as looking at a wrecked, mossed 15th century building. Lets all look annoyed at Valencia. The venue should be unique, spectacular. Monaco is famous for the glitz and glamour, the Med sparkling in the distance and the marina filled with rich and expensive yachts and motorboats. Singapore, whilst it may not be as marvellous, it sure as hell has light bulbs. I don’t think that a regular circuit, such as Silverstone or Monza, will be as good as Singapore is in the night.

And you’ve got to feel your on a street circuit. Not have massive run offs. Again, we find ourselves staring angrily at Valencia.

valenciarunoff Chasms of run-off for the Honda. But its on the track

Walls should feel close, intimidating on the driver. Tempting the driver to come closer, closer. Practically touching the wall, and if they get any closer, they are going to have three wheels left on the car. A good example is the infamous Wall of Champions at Montreal. Where the likes of Michael Schumacher, Damon Hill and Vitantonio Liuzzi have all gone that little bit too close.

They should always be a challenge, giving the driver something to think about for every corner, every lap. Yes, I think we know which track doesn’t meet those demands.

Generally, street circuits should be based on roads that everyday people drive in their everyday cars. Singapore circuit was based only for the racing. Monaco, Melbourne, Montreal are all used for everyday useage. Maybe not so much Melbourne nowadays. They should feel special to win it, and how many times have you heard a driver say that Monaco is the best race to win. Lewis Hamilton loves it, Adrian Sutil loves it, I’m pretty sure every driver on the grid loves it. Why can’t every street track be like Monaco?

Useful Links

This was inspired by Ollie from blogf1, the post which can be found here.

Oh God, I’ve Created A Blog

Excuse the unimaginative title for my first ever blog post. As you may have noticed, I’m an F1 fan, and do enjoy watching races. Except the one’s that are ran at silly o’clock (Australia, Japan etc.). I’m also a BMW Sauber fan, especially that of Nick Heidfeld. Who I think just struggled in qualifying, but not the races. You may recognise me from the fantastic blog/podcast, and brilliantly named, sidepodcast

Amazingly, I’m sticking to the title, waffling. I do share a passion of Formula 1, the teams, the drivers, the sorts.

The blog itself, whilst currently not the best your going to ever see, considering its a generic blogspot layout. However, hopefully soon the blog will be looking more snazzy and more F1 like. I’ll try to aim for quality rather than style. For now anyways.

That’s enough from me. I’ll look forward to seeing comments about my upcoming posts soon.

Edit : Quick update, hope you all will like the new layout. I think it is very slick and nice.