Staying Alive

Should try to avoid these mysterious periods of time where nothing happens. Promise to heart that I won’t do that without good explanation. So then, whats been happening in the Formula 1 world of Me in the past month then?


After 11 points by three rounds including a podium. I did not score any more points till Brazil, in which time I earned the name ‘Takuma Sato’ for crashing a ridiculous amounts of times. But Brazil was special, I got pole, and then, by miraculous luck (or may even have been good driving) I won the race. Woeful season which peaked right at the end.

In that public race, don’t start. Was bad, never enjoyed it and got nowhere.

Joined a midseason race with Toro Rosso, which was fantastic. So far, have got a pole and two podiums (which help me get to a Pro Licence, which means I can play more variety of games, such as F1 games of yonder year or other series, like IRL)

Sidepodcast and Scott Woodwiss have set up a F1 1986 private game, which as I said, can only be bad in terms if you do a series which happend before you were born. I’m Minardi, which lets be fair, cannot go worse than it is.
Minardi’s car in 1986, driven by Andrea de Cesaris

Croft Circut

Technically not Formula 1, but I don’t care. This is personal, and I will create a seperate blog post about it soon, possibly on Tuesday or later. For now, reading material could help:

Motorcyle Racing News

The Northern Echo


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