“So Does That Mean Brawn Will Suddenly Drop Down in Pace? Likely.”


Those were the words that I said in my season preview about the new Brawn GP. Not going to be quick, they were going to be as bad as Force India, just to bring in the sponsorship of Virgin and Richard Branson’s cash. And then disappear off down the back of the grid.

How I have massively wrong.

Since that season preview, Brawn have won twice, got two poles, three podiums and a fastest lap. That is with only two races gone and the realisation that they are quick, very quick and that they can easily turn the power down and still pull away easily. Ross Brawn has managed to pull off an absolute corker of a car. You know how good this is, so I will not bore you with superlatives about them.

This is a confession on how horrendously wrong I was. But I now have the feeling of, I really want them to get beat, it gets boring when a team win two in a row, hence my hate of Ferrari. I don’t hate them like Ferrari, but do want the other teams like Red Bull, Toyota to step up to the mark, show their true pace. Brawn will be caught up by Turkey, with all the teams improving the cars by then. Then it will be a real cat and dog fight, we could have eight teams looking for a really good result. This will be a close fight for the championship come the end of the year. Unless Brawn sweep the races until Turkey anyway.


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