I Can See Clearly Now The Rain Has Gone

19.04.2009 Shanghai, China, 
Robert Kubica (POL), BMW Sauber F1 Team, F1.09 - Formula 1 World Championship, Rd 3, Chinese Grand Prix, Sunday Race - www.xpb.cc, EMail: info@xpb.cc - copy of publication required for printed pictures. Every used picture is fee-liable. © Copyright: Davenport / xpb.cc

Once upon a time, Formula 1 fans would crave rain to come down to spice up some rather dull races. Rain dancing was common in the hope of seeing the pit crews come up with daring, mad or stupid strategies, shake up the drama, hope for the underdogs to have their day.

But as the famous expression goes ‘It never rains, but it pours’. We have had three races this year, two of them have had to get the safety car out because of the awful weather, Malaysia of course even red flagged and not resumed. 2009 has seen the tide turn, rain is now a foe rather than a friend. Light rain is good, brings out the drama, but what we are seeing in Malaysia and China is heavy rain. Verging on impossible to drive in.

I’m glad we are going to Bahrain now, the inevitable sun, thank you god. I’ve seen too much rain this year to enjoy it anymore. Last year, 33% of the races had some sort of rain, whether it be the light sprinkling at the end of Brazil or the pouring rain of Britain. It’s annoying to know we can’t control the rain, it always strikes in at the worst moment, like in Malaysia with some just simply awesome racing going on before hand. But it never comes in at the best moment, say during the European Grand Prix.

Rain is not helping the cars performance either, we don’t really know how good the Brawn is compared to a Toyota on a proper circuit. How poor are those Ferrari’s, more questions are coming from these than answers, and it isn’t helping at all. I want to watch real racing here, not a lottery. If I wanted to watch a lottery, I’d put a tenner on car 8 coming out first. (Well, maybe not number 8, that’s Piquet).

Despite the fact that the rain is out of our control, we can still blame someone for it. Lets bring in the 2009 calendar into evidence and Bernie Ecclestone into the Interrogation Room. Malaysia, we all know the story, started later to suit European viewers, basically during the monsoon period, the rest as they say, is history.

He is also at fault for China, basically swapping it at either ends of the calendar, moving it from the hot period to the cool time of the year. The time of the year that is most frequented by our old friend, the rain. Is this what they mean by making the racing more exciting? Can they not make the cars better so they bend the loophole in Mother Nature to find rain.

What next, last grand prix to be held in Finland in December?


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