A Grand North Yorkshire Day Out

The BTCC headed to Croft Circuit this weekend, and I managed to head out on the Sunday down to the race circuit to watch some racing. Whilst the weather looked grand in the morning, no clouds in the sky. How things can quickly change and it turned out all 2008 with torrential downpour at the end of the race. Obviously I took my camera and here are a few of my favourite ones.


P6140402Ex ITV F1 anchor Steve Ryder. Managed to get him just after I had finished walking the pits. Got to admit, he looked relaxed. Managed to see Louise Goodman in the pits, but she was getting all fitted up with the gadgets required.

BTCC – 1st Race

P6140419  This is Team Aon’s Tom Chilton chasing down Sunshine.co.uk’s Martin Bell. Quite hard early on to get decent ones of moving cars, this the best of them I reckon. Nice to get two in a shot. If it wasn’t for that pesky railing of course.

Porsche Carrera’s – 1st Race

P6140447This one is of Oliver Jackson in the Motorbase Performance car. Nice shot (minus the railing)

Ginetta G50’s 


This is the only one I have with a driver celebrating. No idea who though.

Formula Renault


I have nothing much to say on this one but I did find somewhere to get a bit of height and stop that stupid railings hogging the photo. Nice and central, it is of Fortec Motorsports Oli Webb.

BTCC – 2nd Race


The Cartridge World Seat in front of the Cartridge World VIP’s. That lot were opposite me for the whole race and whenever that car passed, they cheered and applauded, even though most of the time he was stone dead last. I get the impression they don’t watch racing much then.

Renault Clio


After a quick trip to have a bit of a rubbish filled lunch, hence why this is from the other side of the track. I still managed to catch up with a massive crash, that wheel lasted there for an entire lap and provided some rather exciting off track excursions for the on coming cars. Amazing how no one hit the debris.

Ginetta Junior 

P6140672This is Sarah Moore. For no other reason than it took about five attempts to get a good shot of this car. Still too blurry for my liking, but it is the best one I have.

Porsche Carrera’s – 2nd Race

P6140686All my dad’s fault for getting his hand in the way. This sums up the race and the last BTCC race. Safety Car after Safety Car. Coming in and out one lap of the time ruining the flow of the race.

And here is the bit where the camera battery dies and I realise that I have none spare. I suspect I didn’t miss much in the BTCC race three photo wise. Still, enjoyable day out all the same. If you want all of my photos, check out my new flickr place which will be uploading all shortly.


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