I Promise Nothing

It is a Saturday. It is also very wet outside, I’m still recovering from an illness, so the best option for me is to stay inside, on the computer, listening to The Who, with Sky Sports News telling me friendly results I couldn’t give a damn about even if Spurs happened to be playing today.

With nothing to do at all, I suppose the next obvious option is to scour the internet of fun things to do with my day. However, no online games could capture any sort of youthful imagination and hence, grew bored, and left the internet.

So, I chuck the old PS2 on. I happen to have F106 playing, so I boot up the good-ish Hungaroring for a Race Weekend with Jarno Trulli. After promising practice sessions, I manage the quickest time in Q1, followed by the second quickest in Q2. Down to the final, big, twenty minute showdown they called Q3 back in 2006. Decent start, then BAM. Too much kerb at the chicane, spin and smash the wall. Disaster, I’m left trudging around the track for half a lap with no wing and a punctured wheel. I get back out and with three minutes to go, set pole ahead of Raikkonen. Alonso third. Race time, I get a good start, well, really, it was a useless start, the two behind zoomed ahead. But Trulli had a cunning plan, dive up the inside, I did that. It worked, Raikkonen fell to fifth. Then, at the chicane, BAM, spin, that poor Raikkonen had no where to go. I get annoyed and quit the game.

You may be wondering why I’ve talked about my day so far (which your probably thinking was a mighty boring one, I had McDonalds somewhere in there). Well, this entire post is going to be centrally based around nothing. The theme is nothing, I’m writing about nothing at all.

Which could easily be a problem.

But I’m not stooping to that sort of a level to get out of writing a blog post, I’m sure some people would. But, where is the fun in that? There has got to be some fun in everything, except probably this post, which will aim aimlessly into the clouds of the sky. With any luck, it might find me some dinner.

Dinner today was indeed McDonalds, one of those Summer offers they are doing, so they have changed the good old Chicken Legend. I think they have a new bun. Tastes nicer somehow, but ultimately, it couldn’t have been that hard. I also had one of the new milkshakes, Cadbury’s Dairy Milk I believe. And my, it was lovely. Though, reminds me of a Simpsons scene where the three cops are in Krusty Burger and Lou talks to the other two about the new McDonalds out of town.

Speaking of The Simpsons, when I was ill, I spent many hours watching through Season 6 and Season 7 DVD boxsets. What a buy. Two fantastic seasons, especially season 6. Personal favourite episodes of mine are the Who Shot Mr Burns (parts 1 and 2). These in my eyes are awesome shows, a fine mix of comedy, mystery and suspense. Unlikely culprit, pieced together fantastically. I’d be watching it right now if I didn’t have my greasy mits all over Season 8. Can’t wait to get to watch Season 9, the best season. The one with The Cartridge Family, widely regarded as one of the best Simpsons episodes ever.

Though, season 8 might have to be finished another time aside from today, it is the Speedway Grand Prix again tonight. They all head to the wonderful country of Latvia, which, as described as Sky Sports Pit Reporter Charlie Webster on Twitter is:

Latvia is becoming a bit of an adventure the roads are bad so we’ve been told it’s quicker to jump on train from Riga to Daugavpils…

Only for her to later describe the trains as ‘way back in time’. Which says a not so promising lot about the country of Latvia, the country that never left the 19th Century it seems. The place the meeting is taking place is Daugavpils, and yes, I did have to copy that. According to sources, Charlie Webster again, the place has no where to eat. Which again, says a lot about Latvia. My tip for tonight is rain. Since it is going to rain, I ain’t predicting who is even going to come close to getting the semi finals.

Ooh, Sheffield Wednesday have just scored, I didn’t care about that. Sheffield Wednesday fans, do you even care its now 2-1 Blackburn? I’m sure to some of you, that would have been up to the minute goal flash. I mean, what really is the point of pre-season friendlies to the fans? You get to see the players at cut down prices. What a load of rubbish, they are not playing to the ability that they can so where is the benefit of watching them then. Wake me up when its 12:45 on Saturday 15th August.

Though I am sure everything following the 15th August will be brilliant. A new season of football, can not wait. Hopefully Spurs have finally got that bad start disease out of the system this year, if not, I’m sure Mr. Levy will happily take the Sack the Manager Pill, that he obviously has a lot of. Suppose I better be careful what I say, the papers could confuse me with Luka Modric and I end up having to follow the new Spurs policy.

Hopefully next season can be Modric real shining moment. The season where he steps out and shows the world he is a class player. He is one for sure.

Speaking of class players, Pedro Mendes is on tv. I always liked him, mainly for that goal against Everton, was a corker of a volley. That of course was followed by the goal that never was against the team that never is robbed by the linesmen who wasn’t there and taken away from the points we didn’t actually need. Though if Manchester United had of won the league by one point that season, I’d have sworn evil revenge upon them. Gladly however, they finished third. We finished 9th, those two points would have meant we finished eigth. One point off Europe. So we could find some other useless referee mistake to blame for us not being in Europe once again. Of course, following season and all…

Europe is overrated anyway, who would want to compete in the Europa League? What sort of ridiculously titled, uselessly planned competition is it? Organised by an over-egotistical, moronic, evil, sinister, well, he is the one person I would like to get rid from football personally. Mr Platini.

Another rant, for another time. I’ve overran my stay of talking. This post, is true to the blogs name actually, one big waffle. Hope you enjoyed. Made me less bored, if thats possible. Speaking of which…


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