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Left in the dark. The room is silent, a lone figure standing. He is confused, lost, unsure about his own future. The future is dim, clouded in uncertainty. This is how a optimistic, new start for 2010 went down the drain. This is how Robert Kubica may not be having the most fun Christmas time.

It was a jump down the year before, 2008 was glorious, the win in Montreal, the pole in Bahrain. BMW flew before a single shot in the wing saw them slam to the ground. Spectacularly. One podium, just a solitary podium in 2009, a shadowed drive in the Interlagos sun, the day Jenson Button became World Champion. Kubica was forgotten.

The career which started back in mid-2006, disqualification from his first race in Hungary. But by his second race in Monza, he had shown immense potential, a glorious third place finish, to complete a podium featuring Michael Schumacher and Kimi Raikkonen. Talent was shown right from the off.

2007 showed no podiums, but there was still an inkling of what he could do. After the horrific crash in Canada, he bounced back with an incredible 4th in France. A stunning drive which earned him much praise. No podiums, but the best had yet to come.

Straight from the off, 2008 was expected to be awesome. A mistake away from pole in Australia. And then Bahrain, not a single person expected him to do it, everyone thought it was going to be a Felipe Massa walkover. It was the first ever BMW pole. The internet went made with ‘Pole4Pole’ and everything seemed crazy. Then came the crazier Canadian Grand Prix, the first win. His only win.

2009 started promising, a vague chance for a win in Australia before Vettel and the wall put pay to the idea. Then came the spell where nothing happened, the struggle to get points. The solitary glory of Brazil before bowing out on his BMW career in a lonely 10th in Abu Dhabi.

Renault had already come calling by this point. Post Japan he was announced as the number 1 driver, a promising prospect.

And then it all fell apart when Renault hosted meeting about uncertain futures after Toyota pulled out of the sport.

Renault were sold earlier in the month to Genii Capital, a Luxembourg based investment firm. Robert Kubica has since said he is unsure whether or not to stay in the team, he doesn’t know any of the conditions of the contract, its a bad time to be a Renault driver. The only Renault driver is Kubica.

Kubica is certainly worthy of a top race seat, but the only one on offer at the moment if he doesn’t go on with the under new management Renault team is Mercedes. Which, does have a bit of queue before it. Michael Schumacher is of course favourite for it, bar the recurring neck injury striking again in the medical tests. Second in line is rather ironic, former team mate to Kubica for two and a half seasons, Nick Heidfeld.

Aside from Mercedes, there is only the option of one of the new teams. Certainly something which is well below his capability. Although it might be an area for a new challenge, such as Timo Glock going to Virgin Racing. Robert Kubica must be looking at something which will be able to win the championship. That is not going to be what the likes of Campos Meta will be able to offer him.

There is the midtable option of the Sauber team. Which makes a lot of sense of going from moaning all season about BMW Sauber, to moving to Renault, before moving to Sauber for 2010. Yet it is more competitive.

Renault may still be the only choice that Kubica will opt to stick with, and despite the fact that he knows no details of the deal, it will make much more sense than moving anywhere else. Renault will have a car that will at least be more competitive, more or less a midfield team based on this years performance and all of the new teams entering the sport.

But I would give Robert Kubica a chance at a better team. This might not happen for a few years (or it could happen at the end of 2010 depending on how the Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button relationship goes at McLaren). Kubica has proved he can win races and be very good in a consistant car, even has been an outsider in a Championship battle.

Yet what anything Kubica does for 2010, its not going to be for the wins. A few podiums with any sort of luck. Its not been an ideal scenario for Robert Kubica, if anything, the situation is only going to get more complex in the near future.


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