Thursday Thoughts : The Question

2010. The start of a new decade. And an exciting looking one at that.

Thursday Thoughts, for those not in the know. Is a weekly blogging thing to do on a boring old Thursday evening. I have sometimes taken part in the initiative. This week, it is my turn to set the question. And here it is:

Which young driver, who is currently not in Formula 1, would you like to see in the series in the next few seasons?

Young drivers really shouldn’t have any limits, it can stretch from karting right up to GP2, or even the likes of IndyCar. The age limit can be decided by yourself as well, but if you wish to have a recommendation, anyone under 23 should be considered.

The question comes from the Formula 1 tests which occurred at the start of last month, which allowed young drivers to compete at the tests for three days. It made me think which young guns should be in Formula 1.

So, when you have come up with the question, please do link to it in the comments. It will be lovely to get 2010’s offering the Thursday Thoughts off to a brilliant start.


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  1. I know that he’s not young, nor is he known for his car driving but I would love to see Valentino Rossi take a shot at maybe GP2 and then see where that takes him. Not really an answer to your question I know, sorry. Just my thoughts on someone I’d love to see behind the wheel of a F1 car.

    • Definition of young can change from person to person 😉 Rossi is testing a Ferrari next month I do believe. So its a start, my only thought is with him being in MotoGP and a big time winner, its either F1 or nothing.

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