Thursday Thoughts – F1 Dream Team

This weeks Thursday Thoughts was posted by Journeyer over on Sidepodcast.

If you were a team boss with 3 vacant seats (2 race seats and 1 test seat), who would you hire?

In all honesty, I run an online team, called ItalianEnglish Dynamics. Lets just say I had enough money to buy an entry into Formula 1. Here is who I’d go for in 2010. (Impressively, I’ve avoided some bias)

Driver #1 – Jarno Trulli: Come on then, who was surprised by this one? I bet a lot of you. Yes, incase you do believe it was a typo, that does say Jarno Trulli. One time race winner and long time seemingly average driver. But I want to look towards the future with my team, and with a good mix of experience and youth which I firmly believe in. Jarno Trulli has an excellent single lap pace and an awful lot of experience which will be passed on to the number 2 driver. He can put a good setup on the car and it will help my number 2. He is also not going to get into any trouble (unless Sutil is about) and there would not be any disharmony in the team.

Driver #2 – Paul di Resta : He is just too good not to be in a Formula 1 team. As I have shown before, his record is impressive and he is a rather quick driver. With two experienced drivers also in the team, he will learn a lot from what they can tell him about F1. Plus he shares my birthday, and if that isn’t a good enough reason, then I don’t know what is.

Test Driver – Marc Gene : You aren’t a Ferrari test driver for nothing. Experience is everything, as I’ve already stated. Feed into Paul di Resta. And if one of the two main drivers get injured, he is more than capable to replace them (he can’t be worse than Badoer, surely not). In 2003 he scored a points finish in Italy after Ralf Schumacher.


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  1. *rubs eyes in disbelief*

  2. Whoa. Can I just say – whoa.

    No Timo on this list? Wow.

    Trulli-di Resta-Gene – very interesting picks, RG.

    Not sure how Trulli would cope with a very heavy car, though, with the new rules. But it’s worth a shot, for sure.

    As for Gene, though – the whispers during Badoer’s debacle Ferrari run was that Badoer was picked over Gene because Badoer… was better. :O

    • I decided to go out of the box and do a little surprise for everyone 🙂

      On Gene, I think I mainly picked him for the experience and being able to step in when available. I get the idea he is also a half decent tester and can show whats what with a car.

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