Top 5 2010 F1 Liveries

I’ve previously mentioned my top 5 F1 liveries of all time. But since there is a new season of Formula 1, it seems logical to compliment, criticise and generally rule over the why they are the best of the best this year in terms of livery. And the most interesting question, would they make it onto my top 5 all time liveries. Lets countdown.

5: McLaren MP4-25

world champ in trining

Lets have a look, what have they changed to the livery? Lets look at the sidepods, no that is the same. Front wing, that is also the same. Ah, the rear wing will be different, oh, it appears it isn’t. McLaren have changed nothing to this car, and by the sheer fact that the other seven cars are even worse, it makes it into the top 10 at number 5. There is nothing to write home about, it is a decent enough livery, if lacking any inspiration for change. At least they have got the silver effect working on this car (isn’t that right Mercedes). Looking the same as Mercedes though might not help, some were hoping for a Renault-esque retro livery, it didn’t happen, but in reality, why change something that looks alright in the first place?

4: Ferrari F10

F1 Testing - Day Three

And as the Santander army march into Ferrari, the effects are immediately visible. I heard the cries of ‘White on a Ferrari, oh my’ and ‘It should be all red’. But, I like it. I don’t know why, some people hate the look of the car, I on the other hand see it as a nice change to the standard splodge of red every single year. Thank you Santander.

3: Toro Rosso STR5

F1 2010 - Preseason Testing in Barcelona

Like with what I said with McLaren, why change something that is already alright? I have made it clear in the past, I love the Toro Rosso car. With at least ten times more imagination of a Red Bull, the bull looks striking on the side of the car. I could actually go on about how much I love this car all day, but to spare you all, I’ll just leave you an image.

2: Hispania Racing

Spanish F1 team

The former Campos Meta 1 team launched their car with Karun Chandhok and Bruno Senna earlier today. The showed the world their new car, with just the one sponsor that Senna had brought in with him, a dark grey, white and orange livery was revealed. Somehow, I don’t know how, it has managed to look amazing. Some sort of combination of picking the right shade of colour, putting the right lines where they needed to be. It is just amazing.

1: Virgin Racing VR-01

F1 Testing - Day Three

Despite having the least reliable car on the grid, and the most un-F1 shape on the grid as well, Virgin do at least win the best livery on the grid. The red and black stand out against each other really well, and is helped by the fact it is an unique design. The inclusion of a Yorkshire rose on the front and rear of the car is also beautifully placed on the car. It is such a shame it is going to be at the back.

The Rest

Here comes the part where I say sorry to the top 5 for being in the same post as the following rant. Awful, unimaginative, ugly, just three words I could use to describe the remaining seven cars. Everyone raves on about Lotus, I can’t see that in it, the yellow looks horrible, the two colours don’t work and I do not like what they have done on the rims.

The second retro gone wrong goes to Renault, who almost pulled off a top 5 finish, and ruined it with red, followed by everything else. The colours do not work on the car, it is not nice at all. BMW Sauber has basically copied off last year and doesn’t help my cause of claiming the team is returning to the sport, instead of continuing on from 2009. The same can be said of Force India and Williams, who returned with another unchanged and dull effort.

And please do not get me started on Mercedes GP. Dark silver and turquoise do not work.


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