The Malaysian Monsoons

F1 Grand Prix of Malaysia - Race

When the rain came during the 2009 Malaysian Grand Prix, everyone knew it would end up as a downpour. Just a few laps after the initial drops fell, the race was red flagged, with Jenson Button the winner. Half points were awarded after an hour’s delay, the race was criticised for the poor timing.

Fast forward a year and the situation seems to be exactly the same. Weather predictions are eyeing up torrential rain for during the race. The same thing is almost certainly going to happen, once again, a waste of a race.

But why is Bernie Ecclestone allowing the torrential rain to get in the way of racing? Some may say that he has put it an hour earlier to avoid the rain, but has been outsmarted by Mother Nature. Well, sorry Bernie, that is no excuse.

For starters, March in Kuala Lumpur sees an average of 240.9mm of precipitation, this is amongst the worst months, which include April, May, October, November and December.

There seems to be a pattern developing, I believe it might be that they are in two groups, with quite a big gap in between May and October.  These months get a lot less precipitation, less monsoons. The ideal chance of a good weather comes in June and July, between them just 19 days of rain, a significantly lower amount of rainfall. It won’t get stopped mid race before half points are awarded.

I’m a genius, have a fly away three races between Canada, Malaysia and somewhere else in the middle of the European fixture. This makes so much logical sense it will sadly never happen in Formula 1.

Bernie Ecclestone, move the race. Moving the time will not make a difference, it needs to be chucked in the middle of the season, no issues. End of.


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