They Could Be Heroes

How on earth do I follow that? I’ll just warn that the upcoming post has tons of spoilers, so if you haven’t seen the episode just yet, don’t read on.


Well, that was some ending. Some ending indeed. One perfect way to end two perfect series. Even if I did need some explaining in getting the answer.

The symbol of heaven, the Railway Arms first featured in very first episode of Life on Mars along with Nelson, often a person to give Sam Tyler advice in Life of Mars, as a person like St. Peter/God. Fantastic.

Then there is Jim Keats, the devil. The acting from Daniel Mays was just brilliant. Trying to lure Alex, Ray, Chris and Shaz down the elevator, down into hell. The bad guy, I must admit I always had my suspicions about him, proved right.

All six main characters just were perfect, the performances from Ray, Chris and Shaz. Alex was convincing as well, but the best, without a shadow of the doubt, was the one and only, Gene Hunt.

Fantastic, during the remembering of the fact that he was the man, buried in Lancashire. Then the moment that he tried to save Ray, Chris and Shaz from following Keats into Hell. And the end, the goodbyes, emotional. Highly emotional.

Then the fact you have to remember he will be there, guiding the newcomers into the Railway Arms. Like he did with Chris and Ray in the 70s, Shaz in the 90s and Sam and Alex in the 00s. Just him, no Alex, nobody he has had for years. A new force and a bloke who is looking for his iPhone.

I have loved Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes, and although my blog post is on the short side, I’m still in awe at how it ended. I may go and watch it again.

After that, the “pub”.


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