The End


Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

It comes around so fast, back in March I set up the idea as a bit of fun, and as an experiment in a way. Simply to see who is the best new team, forget the Red Bulls, Ferraris of the world, who really does care about them anyway? Its all for a number 1 on the car for next season frankly.

19 races later and its all over. Done, completed, finished. Heikki Kovalainen won the Drivers Championship in Japan, Lotus Racing won the Teams version a race later. The rest of the season has been done for pride, and three drivers vying for second place, Timo Glock, Lucas di Grassi and Jarno Trulli. In my aim to find something interesting to talk about at least.

So the final race, my final race report I’d imagine. It has been a fun season to talk about, ups and downs for all eight drivers (half of them coming from Hispania). And in reality, it was status quo for qualifying in Abu Dhabi. Jarno Trulli out qualified Heikki Kovalainen for the 11th time and considering Kovalainen’s domination in the races, shows how poor Trulli has been during the races. Then there was Timo Glock, third place, ahead of Lucas di Grassi who might as well have 22nd engraved on the grid spot. And finally, Bruno Senna out qualified Christian Klien for the first time, and possibly for the last time, as it doesn’t look like either will stay at Hispania for next season.

You may have noticed I’m waffling. That is true, as there is so little to actually talk about during the race. The start saw Michael Schumacher and Tonio Liuzzi cause a Safety Car, which saw di Grassi, Senna and Klien all pit. Kovalainen headed the pack in front of Trulli and Glock.

In reality there was little to note, Trulli first suffered from front wing issues and then had a rear wing failure towards the end of the race. Luckily for him, he was still classified, albeit last of the finishers.

It would have been fitting if all six cars would finish the race and for a while it looked like that would happen, but sadly it wasn’t to be, Glock suffered gearbox issues and had to pull out of the race. Five were to finish, meaning the only race to have all six finish was Hungary.

So, for the final time Kovalainen won the New Teams race, who knows how well his car will perform next season. Lucas di Grassi came in second ahead of Bruno Senna, Christian Klien and Jarno Trulli.

For the final time my friends, the results.

  Driver Team Race Pos. Points
1 Heikki Kovalainen Lotus 17th 10
2 Lucas di Grassi Virgin Racing 18th 6
3 Bruno Senna Hispania 19th 4
4 Christian Klien Hispania 20th 3
5 Jarno Trulli Lotus 21st 2
6 Timo Glock Virgin Racing Ret. 0


Final Standings

Drivers Championship

And that is that. Heikki Kovalainen’s final total stands at 118, just under double of the second place points. Lucas di Grassi benefits from Timo Glock’s gearbox problem to finish in second place, just one point ahead of both Glock and Trulli. Glock finishes third on the count of finishing 1st three times, compared to Trulli being 1st just the twice. Karun Chandhok was a threat to Kovalainen, but his replacing mid season sees him finish in 5th, ahead of Bruno Senna who had significantly more races than him. Sakon Yamamoto was poor, and struggled to impress. Klien had little time to do that, propping up the table, but in fairness, he was always going to do that anyway.

    Driver Team Points
1 C Heikki Kovalainen Lotus 118
2   Lucas di Grassi Virgin Racing 61
3   Timo Glock Virgin Racing 60
4   Jarno Trulli Lotus 60
5   Karun Chandhok Hispania 45
6   Bruno Senna Hispania 38
7   Sakon Yamamoto Hispania 15
8   Christian Klien Hispania 5


Teams Championship

The less interesting side of things. Lotus were a gap ahead of Virgin, who were a chasm ahead of Hispania. Nothing more to discuss.

    Team Points
1 C Lotus 178
2   Virgin Racing 121
3   Hispania 103


Final Thoughts

And we are done here. No doubt I will put up a few posts about more or less everything, you will just wait and see what. I have loved covering the new teams, every single race and the progress they have clearly made has been fantastic, and in a way, I’m pleased for everyone involved in Lotus Racing, Virgin Racing and Hispania.

Thank you to everyone who has commented, retweeted (especially Virgin Racing and Heikki Kovalainen) and just generally read the updates.

I suspect this will be the end of this. Next season I can imagine Lotus and Virgin at least being at the same level of Toro Rosso. Who knows what Hispania will bring, a quick car or a re-sprayed 2010 car. I might find something to waffle about.

On the other hand, I might just wait till the next batch of new teams wonder unsuspectingly into the world of Formula 1.


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  1. I have reallyenjoyed this championship. It’s a shame HRT deliberately sabotaged it by dropping Chandhok.

    Well done for sticking with it all through the season because so many people start these projects and drop them after a few races.

    Shame there will not be another three new teams next season

    • It is annoying, but out of my control, and if it helped them stay in the sport. I’d love to go back in time with a bit of cash, give it to Karun and say, here, thats the money you get to stay for the rest of the season.

      I mean, I’ve had a few projects started and not kept up, but for this one, I’ve found I just really enjoyed doing it. It has been fun and seeing positive comments and proper famous people retweeting it has just been, brilliant. Love it 🙂

  2. Thanks for doing this. I would not have been as aware of what was going on with Lotus, Virgin and HRT if not for your information, and they all worked just as hard, if not harder, than every other team on the grid. Everyone deserves to be recognized who can take part in this elite sport.

  3. Hello ; as always, and for the last time, my ranking with points for DNF and DNS, in order not to disadvantage unlucky drivers.

    Thanks for your ranking !

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