100 Not Out (And a Few Dropped Catches)

“In he comes, and tucks that away for a single, a cracking innings, 100 posts not out, having been at the site for nearly 24 months, terrific stuff. He’s had some highs during this, and some lows, but it is there and it has been a great little knock”.

Yes, this is the 100th post on the Northern Waffler, and down to many reasons, which mainly do involve laziness to actually do a proper post, well, I’ll link to my favourite few posts from the last 24 months of writing.

Crisis at Croft – This was written back in February of 2009, when Croft Circuit was unfortunately suffering from a lot of problems. Noise complaints from neighbours in the nearby Croft-on-Tees caused money issues and could have possibly closed the track. But, it all came down to marriage issues and fortunately, the racing is still going on in North Yorkshire.

The Demise of Newcastle Blue Star – My local team. The team that I had a lot of connections with. And they went to punch above their weight, moving to a significantly larger stadium, changing owners, selling out. It was to be the downfall of one of the most recognisable non-league teams in the North East of England.

The Forgotten Man – Vitantonio Liuzzi in July 2009 was nowhere, having just finished a few rounds in the A1GP, his career had more or less stalled. After this post, he would get luck. Giancarlo Fisichella replaced Felipe Massa at Ferrari, promoting Liuzzi to a race seat at Force India. Right now, he is fighting for that seat, and that post is still relevant, even one and a half years on, today, because of why he should be in Formula 1.

Stuck in a Series You Can’t Get Out Of – Another post that was relevant in 2009 as it is today, Paul di Resta had just won his first DTM race at Brands Hatch. March forward to 2010 and he is ironically fighting with Tonio Liuzzi for a drive at Force India. All I’m saying is a Liuzzi – di Resta combination would be lovely…

Battle of the New Teams – This was the post that sparked everything off. A series tweeted by both Heikki Kovalainen and Virgin Racing, proving to be a very popular battle between the new teams in Formula 1 for the 2010 season. It was massively fun compiling the race reports, adding up the tables and seeing which driver and team would be the best from either Lotus, Virgin or Hispania.

That is my top 5, and there are a load of great posts that in hindsight, either look fantastic or totally stupid. On the fantastic side, there is of course my post saying how Roman Pavlyuchenko should stay at Spurs; he would then go on to score something silly like 9 goals in 8 games. However, do remember my posts slating New Zealand for being the whipping boys of the World Cup, and then ending up as the only unbeaten team in the whole thing. And me saying that F1 2009 needed less rain, ultimately, we begged for more since the season turned out to be awful.

So there is 100 posts, here is too another 100. I should get more down in the next year, I feel the New Teams Championship did clog it up a bit and am hoping with one final wrapping up post within the next week, that is the last you will ever hear of it on this blog.

If you ignore the tagline, of course.


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  1. Bravo, bravo, a magnificent innings RG! Now get to like goddamn cricket and you’d have it all 😉

    Ace job,


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