Caught in a Webb

The New Years Honours List, a list that embraces the good and the great about one of the finest nations in the world. A list which recognises the charitable work done by people, the services they have done in their chosen fields, to be given a knighthood, a CBE, an OBE or an MBE.

And Howard Webb.

Howard Webb, a so called ‘top-class’ referee, a man who this year has taken charge of both the Champions League and World Cup finals, as well as be seen as the go to boy in English football. Recognised by the FA as the best referee in England, the best that England can offer to the world.

I think you can all tell, I’ve been quite sarcastic so far.

Is he that good? No. Not by a long stretch. He gets big decisions wrong, he is continually giving decisions which favour the big three (Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal), how he gets the chance to do some of the games he has done is amazing, it should be impossible. Throughout the 2009/10 season he was abject, shouldn’t have been allowed to referee the big games.

One of the games I remember well is a game involving Tottenham Hotspur and Blackburn Rovers. Despite two obvious looking penalties, Webb failed to notice them and refused to give a penalty. And to even his bias out, he ruled out a legitimate Blackburn goal despite there being no clear foul in the build up to it.

And that is just one example of the kinds of games Howard Webb referees. Strewn with errors, mistakes, howlers.

Webb did have a good World Cup, its painful to say, but the three games he had prior to the final were good. He made no mistakes, he got things spot on, probably deserved to be in charge of the final based on his own World Cup performance. And as many people have said, the final itself, who would have wanted to referee that game?

The Netherlands were rough, very rough. They deserved the cards they got and more, Webb’s only big mistake was not sending off Nigel de Jong when he went gung-ho into the chest of the innocent Xabi Alonso. He was too generous on the Dutch, it was lucky none of the Spanish players were seriously injured.

But an MBE, Member of the Order of the British Empire. What has Howard Webb done to deserve this? Look at the others who received an MBE, Graeme McDowell, someone who I have openly praised on this blog before, a talented golfer who became the first Brit this millennium to win a major. Then of course, there is those who spend all their time, all their effort in their day, to give to their community. They give a damn about what they do to improve the lives for other people, to make people have a smile everyday. Some set up charities, some improve their community. They have spent years doing that, only getting what they deserve now, just this one moment in time, one moment of glory when they go to the Palace.

Howard Webb gets 90 minutes in the spotlight each week, and every single time, has failed to show why he deserves the recognition others rightly do.


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