Eurovision Sofa: An Introduction

lena ‘Satellite’ by Lena probably wasn’t the best song at last years Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo. I’d rank it still in the top 10, but definitely not the winner (for the record my favourite was Paula and Ovi’s ‘Playing With Fire’ for Romania), but in the end it came out on top and Eurovision is heading to the German city of Dusseldorf for the 2011 competition.

And I, well, I will be at home, feet up and relying on everyone there to do the hard work while I lazy myself reading up on stuff and just writing about it all. Hence, Eurovision Sofa.

I know, it isn’t sport, what is with you Ryan?

Well, I just like Eurovision. Love the spectacle and the whole event, and the songs, which are mostly… good.

So what can you expect from this? In-depth analysis of the songs, venue, event itself. Just about anyway, think of this as a bitesize way to get up to scratch of everything Eurovision, it won’t necessarily spoil your enjoyment, but if you like the surprise of what happens on the night, then I suggest staying away from this blog for a while and even probably my twitter.

If you just can’t wait for my first post, then I do suggest Australia’s SBS Eurovision Radio, which is literally Eurovision songs 24/7. Just that. Though I’ve heard Latvia’s 2008 entry ‘Wolves of the Sea’ three times in five hours so it can get a little repetitive. Also check out the ESC Insight podcast which contains the latest news from the event and reviews each song from people who know music a little more than I do.

So, to the next 18 days, bring on Dusseldorf. Hell there’s even a Geordie singing this year.


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  1. I will have to bookmark this and come back to it every now and again! On the day of Eurovision itself, I’m running “Eurovision Live” on my website, from Dusseldorf!

  2. It’s just not the same without Terry………

    • Haha. Personally, I kinda like Graham Norton as the night goes on. Decent replacement thats for sure.

      Gonna miss Paddy O’Connell in the semi’s though..

  3. Would that Geordie be you perchance, singing along in the background? My favourite song has to be the Ukranian entry from 3008 I think it was “Dancing” where that camp bloke dressed up in a silver dress… I could dig out the clip if ya like!

    • No, no, the Geordie is representing Romania. Lead singer and everything, which makes the song therefore brilliant.

  4. How did I not know about Eurovision radio. SBS, you’re awesome! (Except for the fact they don’t show Eurovision live so I can’t even watch it on telly until about 14 hours later)

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