Eurovision Sofa: 5 Reasons Why the UK Can Win

“That Sounds Good To Me” in the end sounded good to no one at last years Eurovision, even the traditional votes from Malta didn’t happen. And it deservedly finished dead last, a position that the United Kingdom have found themselves all too often of late.

But people of the UK, it is time to come out from behind the sofa at the party in the living room of European nations, stand up on the coffee table and look down at the rest of them smiling like a mad man, and slightly drunk, screaming that we are the best. So this is why we can win Eurovision:

1. Internal Selection (and taking it seriously)

For me, as much as Eurovision should be down to the public, you have got to remember some of the things the British have sent to Europe. Jemini, Scooch and so on (in all fairness to Josh, he was doomed no matter what). So this year, the BBC decided to get something decent out there and chose Blue. Reducing any chance the British voting public taking the Mick.

2. And They Selected Blue

Three number one hits in the UK, the first British entrant since 1996 to have had any sort of #1 single prior to Eurovision. These guys have stadium experience, can actually sing and hey, have a history of good songs too.

3. Blue Are Popular Throughout Europe

I’m not sure if anyone had seen the BBC documentary ‘Your Country Needs Blue’ (still pun of the year), but they mentioned the fact of their huge status across the continent, especially in western Europe. And this will help the UK get votes from places other than Ireland.

4. ‘I Can’ is Alright Too

Okay, I’m hardly their intended audience, but this is bang on what I’d expect from Blue. Its catchy, its strong and if sung well, sounds good too.

5. It’s Not Jedward

Optimism people, it could be far, far worse. At least our entry is a proper song rather than relying on glittery costumes, handstands and general pazazz. We have a stronger song, and they certainly have a marmite duo.

So there we are people of Britain, be happy we have Blue.


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  1. Whilst I think it’ll do reasonably well, you’ve hit the nail on the head with point 4 – this is classic Blue, which means it sounds 10 years old. Music has moved on from fist pumping boyband songs.

    Good luck to them though!

    • That is, I admit, a fair point. By the sounds of some of their rehearsals it looks as if they haven’t sang for 10 years either 😉

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