Eurovision Sofa: Woah. Are We Heading For a Car Crash?

Take any look at Eurovision odds and you will see France topping more or less everyone of them. But just below lie Ireland, and this year, no matter how much you love or loathe them, they’ve got a hell of a shout to make it victory number 8.

There was a time when all Ireland could do was win, 4 wins in 5 years in the mid-90s. Ireland almost became the unofficial home of Eurovision. Victories in 1992 by Linda Martin, 1993 by Niamh Kavanagh, 1994 by Paul Harrington and Charlie McGettin and 1996 by Eimear Quinn. But since then the Irish have struggled to make any impact at all. The best finish for them this millennium was 6th at Stockholm 2000. They have failed to qualify three times since the introduction of the semi final, finished last in the final in 2007 and second to last just last year. It got to such a stage they sent a turkey to compete for them.

So this year RTE said, you know what might just work, Jedward.

That same group who divided everyone in the 2009 British X-Factor. When I say divided, you had the teenage girls…. and everyone else. Yet the did alright and in the end got every single person in Britain talking.

Also, they have 12 points in the bag from Britain. And hey, for once it isn’t down to political voting (it’s not just Eastern Europe doing it people, we just, have less countries to do it with), as frankly the duo is going to deter a lot of people from voting for it because of who they are. But many others are, as I’ve said earlier, those teenage girls (who I am slightly hoping won’t be reading this, my poor comments) will vote in the droves and with 23 other nations hoping to get all of the other votes, the spread is going to allow this to go through.

That of course depends if they make it out of the ‘semi final of death’ and it really is down to how the rest of Europe sees them. I said in my preview they could be seen as a breath of fresh air, a bubbly, infectious pop group with an annoyingly catchy song, or a breath of polluted air, a pop group that’ will simply fall flat on their faces with an annoying song.

My own opinion is a bit of both, you can’t deny that John and Edward are bubbly and infectious and that is going to be popular with some of the voters. The song itself is a difficult one to call, as its basically the same 30 seconds repeated six times. Yes, it is annoying, and after one day when it just wouldn’t leave my head I seriously had thoughts of going to sleep and not waking up until May 15th.

But it is memorable, it has a fantastic running order in the semi final and assuming it gets a nice enough draw in the final, might be enough to challenge for the win.

One worry for them though must be the fact this won’t appeal to everyone. Unlike, for example, Romania, which is a toe tapper and generally upbeat and fantastic in most departments. Like almost with France they share the issue, and both songs are the polar opposites to each other. It will be interesting to see if Ireland or France could pull it off.


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