Eurovision Sofa: Semi Final Two

imageAnd all that is left is the final 25. A further 9 countries have been told that they were simply not good enough and now its all down to the finals.

I’ll get my clear and obvious bias out of the way first. Romania, with a singer from Newton Aycliffe, County Durham, North East England, qualified. Get in there, what a result, wooooooohhoooooo. Simply brilliant on the night I thought and it was impossible not to like. Trousers possibly needed a bit of work on them.

And lets calm down a little bit now, it did feature very few shocks and 9 out of the 10 finalists I can see how they got there. The odd one out is Moldova, who, with their crazy hats and similarly crazy song somehow managed to find themselves in. They had the energy and certainly enjoyed themselves out there. It wasn’t Epic Sax Guy (who is?). But, really, better than say Bulgaria, or even Latvia.

Those two countries were the ones I was most impressed with on the night, but they both failed to qualify. I personally hadn’t rated Latvia for a while but they showed up for the semi final and slightly disappointed they didn’t get through. Bulgaria for me was a top 5 song on the night, the lack of them in the top 10 also makes me slightly sad.

The expected qualifiers of Estonia, Sweden, Denmark and Ireland all put out good performances. Sweden managed to get their fantastic glass explosion working this time but frankly, it doesn’t really fit in well. Estonia wasn’t too bad albeit it did sound a bit shouty towards the end. Ireland was vocally terrible, but we expected that didn’t we? They had so much energy they could power Ireland for a year. Denmark for me was the best, and despite the insane decision to run all the way down the catwalk and back again, which ruined about two lines of the song vocally. But apart from that look like the country to beat.

Sadly, the rather lovely TWiiNS didn’t make it. They were even worse than Jedward in terms of vocals, probably needed one or two more close ups. Just saying.

My final thought is this, the Netherlands sent there best possible chance in years to qualify yet they didn’t make it. Will they ever qualify out of the semi final? And will they keep bothering with Eurovision considering their results?


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