Northern Waffler v3

I could create some rubbish about how the third version of this website represents progress and change. Frankly, it doesn’t. I just felt like it could do with a little refresh, a nice tidy up, a new look for itself. And that’s what I’ve given it, Northern Waffler looks distinctively different.

The theme itself is Piano Black, a free wordpress template which surprisingly, for me at least, I love. Everything seems to fit so well, and although some of the posts now need a little bit of reformatting, everything looks fine and well with it.

The headers have also changed, now you will be able to see a rotation of four things I like, Tottenham Hotspur, Sauber, Matteo Manassero and the Newcastle Diamonds. All of these have been somewhat edited using fairly basic stuff in Photoshop, however I feel the overall effect looks fantastic.

Over things have changed, the ‘About the Waffler’ page has been totally re-edited. Similar things have been done to ‘Eurovision Sofa’. The ‘New Team Championship’ has also seen a massive overhaul, three new pages are there instead, with detailed season reports you can find in 2010.

Finally, you may also notice down the side a logo saying ‘Europa Legion’, that is because I’m part of a network of bloggers who have decided that the Europa League is worth a few words, and are dedicated in writing about the competition. So do expect further posts on this subject.

So, a quick introductory post to v3. I’ll try and blog more as well, as I feel like I’m neglecting it a bit too much of late.


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