Dissecting Adebayor

Emmanuel Adebayor Sevilla v Real Madrid La eQOArY8Re-rl

Although rumoured for weeks, Harry Redknapp earlier today mentioned the fact that Tottenham Hotspur were in talks with Manchester City regarding a potential loan deal over former Arsenal striker Emmanuel Adebayor.

Adebayor is an interesting individual, but without doubt still a very good player. He started out in France, playing for both Metz and Monaco. His spell at Monaco would also result in a Champions League Final appearance, before his team were comprehensively beaten by Porto 4-0. All in all it resulted in Adebayor moving to Arsenal in 2006, ultimately scoring on his debut against Birmingham City.

Naturally, this is where his somewhat bad behaviour came to light. Adebayor was one of the key men in the middle of the 2007 Carling Cup Final fracas, which saw him get a red card and subsequently refusing to leave the field. This was followed up by another incident in the Carling Cup, this time against Spurs, where he ended up in a heated argument with Nicklas Bendtner.

But of all of them the most famous would have to be after he signed for the oil kings of Manchester City, and played his first match against Arsenal, where after scoring, he ran the full length of the pitch and slid in celebration in front of the Arsenal fans. This wasn’t the only controversial thing he did that day, also kicking Robin van Persie in the face. Ultimately he fell down the pecking order at the Manchester club, and went off on loan to Real Madrid at the end of last season.

I feel Spurs have been here before. Talented player, previously played for a rival club and often has temperamental problems. But William Gallas has come good, and certainly became an integral part of the Tottenham side last season, having a decent partnership with Michael Dawson. From many hating him and criticising him at the start of the season, he ultimately ended up being one of the best and most consistent players.

Adebayor I believe can be something similar, obviously it is only a loan deal and I can’t see him staying accepting a full contract from Tottenham (down to the fact he is currently on a wage deal twice as much as Spurs are willing to pay for him, and I’m sure he isn’t the type that fancies that big a pay-cut). But in one year he has the ability to at least help put some spark in the attack which was a massive disaster last season.

Despite any controversy he could bring, he scores goals. He scores lots and lots of goals. And that’s what Tottenham needs right now, goals. Their failure to dispatch teams that they should have been a walk of the park was half the time down to the strikers inability to hit the net. How many games last season did Spurs have 25+ shots on goal only to fail to score. The game against Blackpool is a prime example, 33 shots, and the only way they scored was a speculative long range effort which was deflected in.

Ultimately Adebayor is only one piece of the jigsaw that Spurs need. There is still a need for another striker, as it looks likely that Peter Crouch may be off this summer. If that person is Bryan Ruiz, then its fine with me. For me Ruiz isn’t exactly the person who is automatically first choice, but a kind of player you want when things are getting tough, or there is a bit of an injury crisis. And lets be honest here, this is Spurs we are talking about, of course there will be an injury crisis.

I’d have Adebayor in the team at the drop of a hat. My only curiosity is why the guy would sign for a team he has previously accused of singing racist songs, it seems like he’s ignoring everything that’s been said and carrying on. Which I find somewhat odd.

But Adebayor is someone Spurs should look to sign and a deal can only be days away. Obviously the last few people Redknapp talked about signing in a press conference did include Phil Neville and David Beckham, but I hope this time the wages can be sorted out and Adebayor signs on the dotted line.


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