RIP Liverpool

Respect is a thing hard to gain and easy to lose. Liverpool proved that today with their statement.

Sounding like a bunch of bitter children, they slated the FA, slated Evra, and defended Suarez, who we can now remember has been found as a racist. There is no class, it is no different to eleven footballers surrounding the referee even though it was a clear penalty.

It doesn’t matter about the length of the ban, or if it was just. The reaction of Liverpool Football Club and their fans has been simply appalling. It’s all the FA’s fault, they were always going to do this, they’re a bunch of corrupt idiots in charge, you know.

Well done Liverpool, from the clubs management to their fans, you’ve made me a rather depressed football fan today. Good going.


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  1. I’m glad he got a ban. I still haven’t forgiven him for his handball incident in the Ghana world cup match. Also I’m no Liverpool fan partly because of the way the fans always behave as if they are entitled to win something, just because of who they are. The whole thing is shocking and it’s a sad reminder of what football was like in the UK 20 years ago and still is like in some places.

    Good on the game for setting a precedent and trying to kick racism out of football – I just wish the teams and fans would follow suit.

    • I’m glad the FA is setting a precedent, I hope this continues with John Terry later on in the week. Suarez has done far, far worse things than handling the ball on the line, case in point when he bit Bakkal on the shoulder.

      I think this is as well showing that FIFA and UEFA are doing nothing at all really once again, I tweeted earlier, how big was the fine Bulgaria got for their racist chanting? Barely nothing.

      For me, I don’t think 8 matches is enough. What would happen in a job if someone made racist comments? They would be sacked. What would happen if a fan made racist comments? They would be banned from all football matches in the future.

  2. I wouldn’t mind a post about F1, it’s been a while 🙂

    • I’ve promised myself to post more, not just F1 of course. 2011 was a static year in terms of my blog to be honest, so hopefully you can look forward to a lot more this year!

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