Eurovision Sofa 2012: The Return


I simply couldn’t stay away. Eurovision Sofa has returned for the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest in Baku, Azerbaijan. Of course, the whole concept is that I’m not interested in going to Baku (it’s a bit far, and well, I’ve got some fairly important exams around the corner), and instead I’m commenting, complaining and analysing things from my very own sofa and on my very own laptop.

Granted, the quality of this year’s songs are very much on the ‘bad’ side. I think I can count on two hands how many songs I like/can just about listen to, which is less than a quarter than all of the songs. Sadly, we’ve lost Poland because their broadcasting company thought the European Championships were more important. And even more sadly, Montenegro have returned, with something which definitely isn’t a song.

So that’s the introduction done, all without mentioning a certain someone too. My final point is Eurovision Sofa is taking over the Northern Waffler on a permanent basis, but not to worry, all posts prior to this one will remain in one place. For whatever reason you might want to go back to them. So, from now until the first semi final on the 22 May, and the final on the 26 May, it’s Eurovision Sofa.


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  1. yay! Since I don’t like hearing the songs before the final I like your Eurovision insights.

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