Eurovision Sofa

Northern Waffler was created at the very start of 2009, in one of the few New Years’ resolutions that I’ve been successful at. Early posts focused on Formula 1, with other sports, such as football and golf, creeping in too. This very site was host to the famous ‘New Teams Championship’ (I say famous, Heikki Kovalainen and Virgin Racing once tweeted it) which arguably attracted some positive reactions.

Eurovision was first mentioned on the site back in 2009, in what was a fairly mundane review of that years song contest. Of course, 2009 was the year we (but mainly I) fell in love with a Danish-turned-Icelandic singer called Yohanna. And nothing more really needs to be said.

Eurovision Sofa was introduced as an add on to the Northern Waffler website for 2011, promising, ‘In-depth analysis of the songs, venue and the event itself.’ Two out of three wasn’t bad, with us really not caring about the Esprit Arena. Eurovision Sofa returns in May 2012 for Azerbaijan, and will remain that way for the future.

The Writer

The guy behind it all is a lovable chap by the name of Ryan, who originates from the beautiful lands of the north east of England. My first Eurovision was years ago (I don’t remember the exact one, but I used to get excited whenever the scoreboard results came up), but I started to seriously follow it in 2009. Naturally I fell in love with Yohanna and the rest is history (as in, nothing has happened).

Outside of that, I’m a Spurs, Sauber, Newcastle Thunder and Diamonds fan, and do occasionally dabble into watching golf, ice hockey, and anything that isn’t basketball.


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