New Teams Championship

The Idea

2010 saw three new teams enter the sport, in the form of Lotus, Hispania Racing and Virgin Racing. Immediately it was clear that these teams would be well off the pace of the next best car, Toro Rosso. So, in some hope of letting this teams win the one and only trophy this season, the Championship was born.

The Rules

It couldn’t be more simpler. 6 drivers from the three teams take part, for clearness, here are the current drivers. Several driver changes have been made, all by Hispania to make everyone’s lives more difficult.

The basic system is this, no matter where they finish in the race, the order of the above drivers will be marked as the following:

1st 10 points
2nd 6 points
3rd 4 points
4th 3 points
5th 2 points
6th 1 point

Just like the good ol’ days of Formula 1, with a few more rubbish teams. However, if a driver retires before reaching the 90% classification mark, they will not get a single point. This rewards reliability, important for a new team.

If a driver is replaced, their score will remain and the new driver will start to score points immediately. If a team folds, then we will be down to just two teams.

If at any point during the season there are two drivers on the same number of points, a count back system is used and the driver who has finished the highest position in the season will be ahead of the other driver. If they are the same, then the number of wins are counted, followed by second places etc. Should these remain the same then they are both classified as being at the same position.


Click on the year for indepth discussion on the New Team Championship

2010 Championship

2011 Championship

  1. Alexandra Lange

    Very good idea, congratulations! I´m a Virgin fan and will follow “The only championship you are getting this season” 🙂 thanks.

    • Thank you very much. Nice to see other folks following Virgin too, they all seem to be Lotus fans. Not doing too well at the moment though, reliability letting them down right now.

      But, thanks for following this.

  2. Great idea, being a Norwich boy I’m cheering Lotus but I’m a Virgin fan too, and it looks like they are the most stable two teams as well. Will follow you on Twitter (my Twitter name is hongkongpauly!

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